Thursday, October 11, 2012

List of Names of Roses

Roses are the common flowering plants in almost any garden. Their flowers come in different colors like pure white, cream, red, yellow and even green. Roses can grow in different types of weather and they can withstand extreme cold of winter and the heat of the summer. Some species roses bloom once a year and some may have several flowers in a year.

Choosing a rose variety depends on your area and weather conditions. Some varieties can grow but may not bloom on your location, so it is better to investigate which types of roses are suitable for your garden. You can view the list of names of roses and their descriptions on the websites that have to do with roses.
There are over 150 species or varieties of roses from around the world. You can see a full list of the names by searching through the net. The list of names of roses is organized on the basis of their color or usual names. Roses are available in red rose varieties, pink / purple / dark pink varieties, orange / peach varieties, yellow rose varieties, green rose varieties, white / cream / ivory roses, mixed colors / variated roses, and spray roses. The green rose has the least number of varieties named F Green, Super Green, and Amandine. Red Roses, the Black Beauty, Black Baccara, Amore, Jaguar, El Toro, and much more. Pink rose lovers, the Ravel, Cool Water, and much more. If you like peach or orange roses will find the Amsterdam, Lambada, Mercedes, Glitter, etc. The April, Sphinx, New York, and Sunbeam are the common yellow rose varieties. The white roses symbolize purity are the Silk, Beach, Aquafresh, and more of this kind.

These are the just some of the common names of species roses which were identified by the colors. Some varieties may have mixed colors. They are the Alliance, Royal Renate, Circus, High Society, Full House, and much more. Another rich variety, the spray rose variety has the Macarena, Surprise, Lemonade, Santa Rosa, Tamango, and much more. More of the other races and species are included in the full list of names of roses that some websites posted by rose breeders. The breeders are the ones who are responsible for the existence of more than one hundred species of roses. Roses are like humans, when two roses of different colors are bred the result is a new breed that the properties of the parent roses exhibits.

If you plan to have your own variation through cross breeding, you need to start breeding the varieties that grow well in your area. To ensure that you have the right variety to your climate and location suits get, you can visit the local green stores in your area. Maybe they have a complete list of names of roses and they can identify and they will only sell those that are suitable for planting in your place.


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